The Shred Girls Series has some HUGE News!

Hey everyone! You might have noticed that the last couple weeks, it hasn't been possible to buy Lindsay's Joy Ride on here or on Amazon. That's because I have some HUGE news: after I announced the book, Rodale Kids—the children's publishing branch of Rodale, the publishing house that focuses on health and wellness and owns [...]

Real Life Shred Girl: Kelly Lawson

I love Kelly Lawson. This cadet racer emailed me to let me know that she's a total shred girl, and that she'd love to be featured on here. And that got me so excited! I love anyone with that kind of confidence and spunk, and I'd already seen her running and riding around at Ontario [...]

Real Life Shred Girl: Ellen Noble

Ellen Noble is, bar-none, one of my favorite human beings. But she's also one of the most perfect Real Life Shred Girls I could have imagined: not only is she one of the few Americans to ever medal at Cyclocross World Championships (silver medal in 2017!), she's won UCI race, rode her way to fifth [...]

Ask the Girls!

Have a cycling question? Ask it here and the Shred Girls will get on the case! It can be anything: how to master a certain skill, what to eat on race morning, what to wear on a road bike, how to handle pre-race nerves... Ask away!