Welcome to Shred Girls, a series and site for girls who want to have fun on two wheels! You being here is awesome, because it means you’re ready to get rad on a bike, or maybe just read the book to get a taste for what it’s like. Either way, join me, Lindsay, Jen and Ali as we have a blast on bikes.

Shred-Girls.com will also be a place where readers and riders can find more about Lindsay, Ali and Jen, meet real-world Shred Girls and pick up some great riding tips from experts in videos and articles.

The Shred Girls Series is published by Rodale Books, with the first book, Lindsay’s Joy Ride, set to launch next Winter. (But before then, you can get tshirts, caps and more at the Shred Girls Shop!)

About the Author:

Molly Hurford is the author of four books on cycling, and a writer for Bicycling Magazine as well as many other fitness and outdoor publications. She’s the co-host of The Consummate Athlete Podcast, creator of TheOutdoorEdit.com, and a lover of all things bike-related. She spends her time traveling the world to find the best places to ride, race, and explore.