Your Weekly Shred Girl Motivation: Watch Mariana Pajon Go For Gold in Olympic BMX

When I started researching the world of BMX racing to write the first of the Shred Girls books, I wanted to know who the big names were. And it doesn’t get much bigger than two-time Gold medalist Mariana Pajon when it comes to BMX. I love all kinds of cycling, but I admit, there’s something about BMX that really thrills me. The races are such short, intense bursts, and it’s been awesome to have rad Shred Girls like Emma Robbescheuten explaining how and why they race, and how to get faster on the bike. Women like Mariana are super aspirational for girls hoping to shred: Mariana started racing at age 5, and at 26, she’s been to the Olympics twice and won gold both times, and she’s been a World Champion in BMX as well. (She’s also super cool to follow on Instagram—and has over 1.6 million followers!!)

If you want to see what BMX racing looks like, check out her most recent Olympic win in Rio—and share with the other Shred Girls you know!

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