Your Weekly Shred Girl Motivation: Check Out This Super Old-School Video of BMX Ballet

If you think Shred Girls have only been around for a few years, think again. While BMX is a new-ish sport, bike tricks are much, much older. A friend sent me this clip of a Japanese ‘bicycle ballerina’ Lilly Yokoi from 53 years ago performing, and I thought it was too cool not to share! This video has been going viral this week, and for good reason: her skills remind us that a) women can do anything, b) cycling isn’t just an extreme sport, it’s also an incredibly beautiful art form, and c) women have been shredding for decades—and deserve as much respect as men. It’s really great seeing women and girls on bikes, and to realize that we’ve been performing at such a high skill level (her balance on this fixed gear bike is INSANE) for so long is super inspiring. (Check out her wheelie skills at 1:30 in—and the finale is SO RAD!)

What’s your favorite cycling video to watch for instant motivation? I want to start sharing more favorites on here—and feel free to make some rad videos of your own and send them in to share in the #RealLifeShredGirl series!

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