Real Life Shred Girl: Freestyle BMXer Kierstyn William

I love freestyle BMXer Kierstyn William—she’s super rad! Her advice is great, and it’s super exciting to see a girl really pushing her way into the world of BMX and finding a place in such a guy-heavy sport. It’s a huge inspiration for me to get out there and get on my bike in Joyride 150, and hopefully she inspires more of you to do the same!

How did you get into riding?

I started riding just over a year ago, with my (now ex) boyfriend at the time. He got me into Joyride as he rides professionally and really inspired me to ride. Then, this past Christmas my parents gifted me a membership to Joyride, so that’s when I decided to take riding more seriously & make freestyle BMX my sport of choice.

Favorite part of riding?

My favourite part about riding would have to be progressing with all of my best friends at Joyride, it’s a really proud and addictive feeling!

Least favorite part?

My least favourite part about riding is getting hurt on a trick that I’m usually comfortable with, as it’s pretty discouraging.

Have you made any friends at Joyride?

Honestly, all of my closest friends are people that I met at Joyride, and I’m so happy that I have them to help me out and encourage me when I need it. My best tip for talking to new people would be to just be yourself; the BMX community is extremely welcoming, and everyone starts somewhere, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help if you need it!

Coolest accomplishment?

The coolest accomplishment I’ve had so far has to be when Scotty Cranmer & Alex Whinstance (Big Boy) we’re cheering my name during my run at The Kitchen pro/am in April.

What’s a week of training look like?

I typically only ride two days during the week as I’m still in school, usually Tuesday & Thursday after school, but then I’ll ride all weekend at Joyride or at local parks of the weather allows it.

Best advice for new riders?

My best advice for someone just getting started would be to head over to Joyride and cruise with us ladies. We don’t judge new riders, and we’re really fun to be around;)

What about a good tip for tackling a tough spot in a park?

My best tip for trying something that scares you comes from the man Drew Bezanson himself, he taught me to think less about what you’re doing and just trust yourself & be confident! Worst case scenario you fall or don’t throw the trick, but don’t be discouraged, dust yourself off and send it again!

Fave piece of gear?

My favourite piece of gear would have to be my frame; it’s a dk Team frame from Mike Varga! I love the paint job on it and it’s really light.


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