Learn to Shred Video Series: Charlotte Batty of MiniiAdventures Explains Log-Hopping

Welcome to the latest Shred Girls web series addition: a video series highlighting cool girls and women eager to share their tips and tricks with you so you can become a kick-butt Shred Girl!

It’s a lucky girl who finds herself surrounded by talented, like-minded ladies (not unlike Lindsay in the upcoming Shred Girls book!). After years of being the shy bookworm, I found cycling and in the last couple of years, found my tribe of awesome women and girls that I love to shred with. Charlotte Batty of MiniiAdventures happens to be one of them. In addition to being a great friend, she’s also a rad mountain biker, and she was cool enough to help me put together this video for you girls all about how to get over logs when you’re out on the mountain bike. It’s a great tutorial—simple, short and sweet, but packed with info and tips that you can actually put into place on your next ride. Check it out, and then get out there and get riding!

Find out more about Charlotte over at MiniiAdventures.com and @miniiadventures on Instagram. And listen to her whole story and her best advice for finding adventure in her episode of The Consummate Athlete Podcast!

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