Real Life Shred Girl: Kelly Lawson

I love Kelly Lawson. This cadet racer emailed me to let me know that she’s a total shred girl, and that she’d love to be featured on here. And that got me so excited! I love anyone with that kind of confidence and spunk, and I’d already seen her running and riding around at Ontario races rocking a Shred Girls tshirt. Kelly races for Centurion Next Wave in Ontario, but she’s already dreaming about going in Europe for the big races.

So obviously, I was stoked to sit down with her at the Hardwood Canada Cup and chat about how she got into bikes and what makes her happiest.

What got you into cycling?

When we moved here, my dad started biking and took me with him and I loved it. I started with mountain biking. I loved climbing! My size benefits me, so I can fly up hills.

Have you been racing long?

This is my first year racing all the Ontario Cup mountain bike races. I did a few last year, but this is my first year racing-racing. I like it a lot. I had a great time at Horseshoe last weekend, it was my first podium in third.

What’s your goal in cycling?

I want to make it to Europe eventually. I’ll start traveling to Nationals when I’m a junior though. I’m watching all the big races on TV though, I really enjoy those.

What are your favorite obstacles in races?

I like the rock obstacles, like Batty’s Boulder at Hardwood.

How did those obstacles feel at first?

I wasn’t scared of them exactly, but I usually went around them! I’m still learning, but if I see someone else doing something or I can see the right line to take, I just go for it. I’m getting more comfortable.

Best advice for new riders?

Go out with a couple friends. Get any bike, ride a couple trails for fun, and get into the feel of it.

Did you meet friends through riding?

Absolutely! I met a bunch. We ride together, or hang out after a ride, especially on weekends.

What’s the hardest part of riding for you?

Trying new things can be hard. If I don’t know if I can do something, if I’ve never done something before, just getting the confidence to do it. I know I can do some things physically, but mentally, I have a hard time getting over some stuff. But everyone deals with that!



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