Real Life Shred Girls of NICA New Jersey

Shred Girls was at NICA NJ’s race in Chester this weekend and I was out pre-riding with these rad girls on Saturday and hanging out on race day—so cool to hear how each of them got into cycling and talk about all things #ShredGirls! It was so exciting to see so many of them sitting and reading Lindsay’s Joy Ride after the race, and re-hydrating and fueling with Nuun Hydration and Clif Bar, who were kind enough to send some goodies for the girls.

Check out some of my favorite shots from the weekend, and huge THANK YOU to NICA NJ for hosting me and Shred Girls and putting on an amazing event.

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  1. […] Shred Girls author and regular contributor to Bicycling Magazine, Molly Hurford, joined us at our June 4th race in Chester. Thank you once again to Molly for hanging out with us over the weekend and joining our NJ GIRLS ROCK ride! Check out Molly’s write-up of her experience on her blog. […]

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