Meet Lindsay

Lindsay is surrounded by superheroes… Except, those superheroes exist only in the books she loves to read.  She wants more than anything to become a hero, reading comic books as research materials and training by fighting her teddy bears for practice.  She’s even got the perfect arch-nemesis: her cousin, who pretty much has to be a supervillain. Will Lindsay be able to defeat Phoebe, or will her cousin’s evil plan come to fruition?

…Or, will it go a whole different way?

Read a sample from Lindsay’s Joy Ride

Training Log Entry #1

My name is Lindsay, and I live in a world that’s full of superheroes.

Well, at least that’s what my parents say when they complain about the comic books all over the house, or all the posters in my room, or when I’m watching cartoons instead of doing homework. I try to explain that I’m not “wasting time” or “killing brain cells,” like they say. I’m researching. And this summer, I’m logging all of my research here, in my guide to being a superhero. 

I figure I’m imminently qualified to be super… Or, at least, I’m working on it. I have a very strict training regimen. Every day, I come home from school and spend an hour and a half watching cartoons, reading comic books, and taking notes. Then I go outside or to my basement for an hour of intensive physical training, like punching the teddy bears I have set up in a really realistic crime scene, or going through my tire and ladder obstacle course that Dad helped me set up in the backyard. As you can see, I was clearly destined for superhero-dom.

Also, I’m pretty sure my cousin Phoebe is a supervillain, so I have a built-in arch-nemesis. From my research, I figure that’s pretty key in the whole superhero game. I mean, anyone can do good, but it seems like superheroes always have someone specific to fight.

I didn’t make the rules, I just read about them.

Superhero Note #1: All good superheroes have an arch-nemesis. That’s how you can tell you’ve become a real superhero. You can stop other crimes, but your main focus needs to be thwarting your arch-villain.

Before you put this down, or roll your eyes, hear me out. You’re probably my age, and you might be someone who would be my best friend in school—well, maybe. I’m pretty shy in real life. Or you might ignore me, and laugh at me with your friends at the lunch table. But you know what? I bet you’ve also thought about how cool it would be if life was like Saturday morning cartoons.

…You don’t want to jump into other dimensions, or fly? Maybe we wouldn’t be best friends after all.

I know it sounds crazy, but I really believe that I could be a superhero. The world may not be under imminent threat of alien invasion or anything (yet), but if it happens, it would be really smart if someone was at least sort of  prepared.

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  2. […] Coming Soon! (But meet Lindsay and get a sneak peek at Book #1 in the Shred Girls Series here.) […]

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