Real Life Shred Girl: Freestyle BMXer Kierstyn William

I love freestyle BMXer Kierstyn William—she's super rad! Her advice is great, and it's super exciting to see a girl really pushing her way into the world of BMX and finding a place in such a guy-heavy sport. It's a huge inspiration for me to get out there and get on my bike in Joyride [...]

Real Life Shred Girl: BMXer Taylor Kaus

BMXer Taylor Kaus is one of the awesome girls shredding around at Joyride 150, the bike park that inspired the location of the first Shred Girls book (out next year—sign up for the newsletter now to get the details!). I love her advice about making friends and getting comfortable riding around in a bike park—it [...]

Nominate a Real Life Shred Girl

For the last couple months, we've been highlighting lots of rad girls doing cool stuff on all different types of bikes. But we want you to let us know about the Shred Girls who inspire you on a daily basis! Check out the Real Life Shred Girls here So get involved! Whether you—or a friend—are [...]